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It’s all about our community and the Fuckup Night

Infinity 8 Community | 创业吧社群

共享空间 – 远胜于你想象的传统租借模式。我们想要改变的,不只是你的工作环境,而是你的社交群与生活态度。
Co-working space is not only a place for you to work, but also to join a community and change your lifestyle.

The very first time of having our short weekend getaway. It’s simple and nice but nothing can compare to the joy we had.
We fell in love with the day, water, sun, moon and the starry night in this Rainforest Tree House.

“Just living is not enough…one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.” — Hans Christian Andersen
Back to nature, is what we longed for in this trip.

so we stepped into the rain forest.

We have witnessed these group of co-workers hustle tiredlessly from day to (mid)night. Enduring all the hardship necessitated throughout our entrepreneurial journey.

Each time you heard an intriguing successful achievement, what’s displayed on the surface is how they succeeded but how many of you realize the times they fucked up before all these successes?

so we decided to start a Fuckup Night in Johor Bahru.

It was a Saturday night, we shared a few fucked up stories and revealed the ugliest facts or hardest times in our lives unshielded.
The conversation flown in was unpretentious, spoke from a sincere and naked heart. That makes us connected.

Have you ever tried joining a community in a co-working space?

Infinity 8 — where I came from.
When coworkers become friends, I can be myself.

这样的社群,是尽管大家经历不同,也能在心里深处留有一丝回忆和温暖 – Infinity 8 创业吧的魅力。
We come from different backgrounds with diversed stories. Yet we are all the same, in this space we call home.

INFINITY 8 | 创业吧
未完待续 | to be continued…

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